Original version of this paper presented at The Project Management Institute 1999 Conference in Philadelphia, Pa.
Revised February 2002.
Published here April 2002.

Abstract | Introduction | Types of Projects | Common Characteristics
Approach | Variables | Conclusions | References | Appendix

Conclusions and Recommendations

The most useful classification of types of project is by the product of the project. This paper presents a list of nine different types, which should be expanded as knowledgeable people contribute more ideas. The profession should adopt this breakdown as a basic segmentation of the Project Management business and use it in a number of different ways such as the organizing of breakout of tracks at annual conferences.

The list of projects and their different attributes (see Appendix) needs to be worked on and agreed. Interest groups for each of these types of project should expand the sketchy descriptions presented in this paper. These expansions should be derived from the direct group's knowledge of the nature of their respective projects and their experience of the best, most successful, approaches.

Other Variables  Other Variables

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