This Guest paper was submitted for publication 8/14/13 and is copyright to author Chris Majer, © 2013.
These observations are abstracted from the author's book The Power to Transform and published here February 2014

Editor's Note | Introduction | Knowing but Impatient
Craving for Understanding but Reluctance to Begin | Blindness and Confusion
Mind/body Learning and Comfort | Constant Assessment but Independently
Novelty and Characterization | Summary


Learning is challenging and takes place only through practice, patience, and perseverance. Indeed, these three qualities are the hallmarks of a committed learner. The only way to embody a new competence is through recurrent practice. Practice takes time and requires patience. The committed learner must continue to practice, persevering through doubt, weariness, negative assessment, and the occasional rotten mood.

All of these enemies of learning have likely attacked you at one time or another. You are probably more vulnerable to some than to others. While fierce and relentless, these enemies are at the same time as insubstantial as shadows. Rather than manifestations of reality, they are elements in a story of our own creation, and as we now know, we can change our stories and our actions, and in so doing, we can change ourselves.

Then, and only then, are we in a position to effectively lead and train our project teams.

Novelty and Characterization  Novelty and Characterization

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