This Guest paper was submitted for publication 8/14/13 and is copyright to author Chris Majer, © 2013.
These observations are abstracted from the author's book The Power to Transform and published here February 2014

Editor's Note | Introduction | Knowing but Impatient
Craving for Understanding but Reluctance to Begin | Blindness and Confusion
Mind/body Learning and Comfort | Constant Assessment but Independently
Novelty and Characterization | Summary


Knowledge and learning are critical. You have to learn new ways of being and moving in the world, new ways to carry yourself, and new practices to achieve your ambitions. Learning is the only way forward. But there are forces at work that are committed to making sure that you never learn.

You can't see them and you can't touch them, but they are deadly, as they live in your mind. Indeed, when you get down to the nitty-gritty of how to learn, you hit a wall. In fact, there are several barriers in your way. These are the "enemies of learning".

In the following pages I describe just a few of the more important ones along with strategies on how to deal with them:

Editor's Note  Editor's Note

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