A paper presented to the Project Management Symposium on PM: Project Manager Role Evolution, Rome, Italy, 2004.

Updated 7/3/04

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Published here October 2004.

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Project Management Around the World

While some relatively minor differences will remain in the status of project management between different geographic regions and countries in the developed world, more significant differences will continue to exist between developed and newly developed countries on one hand and less developed countries on the other. For example, in Sub-Saharan African countries, excluding of course South Africa,

"Implementation of modern project management … is directly tied to projects financed or implemented for organizations from fully developed economies [such as The World Bank or multi-national corporations]. This might lead to some questions (in the future) related to how much the spread of modern project management is also tied to economic and political freedoms within society where individuals are free and motivated to seek out best practices in other organizations, societies or locations". (Pells 2003).

"This paper has argued that project management concepts are not universally valid because (1) they are based on certain assumptions about what governs human behavior (e.g. economic rationality) and (2) these assumptions are not valid in some cultures (e.g. values at work and in social settings differing across cultures)". (Muriithi and Crawford 2003).

By 2008 project management is not expected to have permeated the economies of a number of African and perhaps other developing countries to a major extent.

Project Management Maturity Models  Project Management Maturity Models

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