A paper presented to the Project Management Symposium on PM: Project Manager Role Evolution, Rome, Italy, 2004.

Updated 7/3/04

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Published here August 2004.

PART 1 | Introduction | Areas of Project Management Application
Project-Driven and Project-Dependent Organizations
Project Life Cycle Models| Specific Life Cycle Model Examples
Project Management Planning and Control Practices, Systems, and Tools
Managing Risk in Programs and Projects | PART 3


The practice of project management has evolved over half a century and permeates all industries, institutions and governments throughout the world. This paper conveys a picture of the state of the art in this management discipline in 2004, and provides some predictions of the direction of its continued evolution over the next five years.

Four major subjects are covered as follows:

A global perspective is presented and various topics discussed under each.

This is the second of four parts that discusses:


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