A paper presented to the Project Management Symposium on PM: Project Manager Role Evolution, Rome, Italy, 2004.

Updated 7/3/04

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Published here July 2004.

Introduction | Characteristics of Project Management
Projects, Programs, and Project Portfolios | Defining Project Categories and Sub-Categories  
Classifying Projects within Categories and Sub-Categories | Project Portfolios
Organizational Capabilities and Maturity in Project Management | PART 2

Russell D. Archibald, Fellow PMI and APM/IPMA, MSc, PMP
Russ Archibald is a long-standing member of the Project Management Institute and one of its original founders. Now retired, he has had many years of management experience in engineering and operations with a variety of major US corporations, practicing in Europe, South America as well as the US. He has made major contributions to the understanding of project management and is author of the best selling book "Managing High-Technology Programs and Projects ".
E-mail: russell_archibald@yahoo.com
U. S. mailing address:
PMB 90A, 521 Logan Ave., Laredo, TX 78040-6633


The practice of project management has evolved over half a century and permeates all industries, institutions and governments throughout the world. This paper conveys a picture of the state of the art in this management discipline near the end of 2003, and provides some predictions of the direction of its continued evolution over the next five years.

Four major subjects are covered as follows:

A global perspective is presented and various topics discussed under each.

This is the first of four parts that discusses:


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