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First published under Managers in the Spotlight May 27, 2011, and on this site February 2012

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Zvika Bash's Background

Hessel Friedlander: What was your first job and how did you become a project manager?

ZB: I started my professional path in the Defense Forces serving in one of the IT network units. Serving in that position gave me the opportunity to rapidly develop myself professionally and as a manager.

My first position was in the system analysis field as an SAP implementer. This is a classic position for a person such as myself with an academic background of industrial management engineering and information engineering. During my military service I was involved in big projects and had the honor to lead massive organizational changes relative to my junior position.

After that, I was given an opportunity and promoted to a management position working on the IB and Portal. That was my first job in project management. I managed the establishing projects of these systems and later on their maintenance. Later, other projects were given to me and I managed project segments in the CRM field and for specific SAP models that included project management, maintenance and production management.

The professional and management development and the experience led to a management position as an ERP project manager in charge of managing all the models, development, foundations, guidelines, inspections, authorizations and more.

Editor's Note  Editor's Note

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