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Published here November 2019

Introduction | Why is Project Budget Management Important? 
1. Implement The Right Time and Expense Tracking Technology | 2. Be Wary of Scope Creep
3. Have Clear Responsibilities | 4. Stay on Top of Communication
5. Change is Inevitable. Be Prepared for It | 6. Face Mistakes Head On | Final Thoughts

4.  Stay on Top of Communication

If there's one thing that can be almost consistently blamed for budget issues, it is lack of effective communication. Small issues, when discussed and dealt with quickly, can often be taken care of without your budget taking much of a hit. However, when that communication falls apart, things can snowball quickly. Here are some best practices you can implement to ensure that communication is constant, and of high quality.

  • Implement a project management solution that has a component that facilitates communication. If your chosen solution doesn't, make other arrangements. This could be a package such as Trello, the notorious task management solution, packed with a series of other smart features, including instant messaging features. Video conferencing apps like Skype can also be very beneficial.
  • Schedule regular times to communicate. While it's important for team members to communicate as things come up, there should also be scheduled meeting times. You'll be surprised at how often issues become clear during these sessions. This is a great way to ensure that everyone stays in the loop.
  • Keep in mind that communicating with your client is key, but that's not the only communication that matters. Your team members must communicate with one another as well. Everyone should provide status updates on a regular basis. This will ensure that you are able to identify issues within your project team sooner than later.
3. Have Clear Responsibilities  3.  Have Clear Responsibilities

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