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Published here June 2019

Editor's Comments and Introduction  | Section I: Lean Methodology | Removing Waste
The Five Principles of Lean | Introduction to Some Important Lean Tools
Section II: Six Sigma | Section III: Lean Six Sigma
Why is Lean Six Sigma Gaining the Importance in Today's Scenario? | Final Takeaway

Why is Lean Six Sigma Gaining the Importance in Today's Scenario?

Today's environment is very dynamic. In this dynamic environment, Lean and Six Sigma approaches cannot bring full potential to improvements if applied in isolation. The integration of Lean and Six Sigma ensures exceptional improvements. In this management approach, traditionally the lean methodology is used first to remove the waste in a process, then the Six Sigma tools are used to improve process variations.

However, these two methods go hand in hand in today's time. The ultimate objective is to improve processes by reducing variation and eliminating waste. It's a continuous improvement process, where Lean methods and Six Sigma approaches, both take their turn during a plan—do—check—act (PDCA) cycle. The extent of approaches may differ depending upon process complexities or improvement sought. The combination of these two methods helps to develop streamlined processes with high quality and results. It improves bottom-line profits and helps meet business goals.

The integrated Lean Six Sigma management approach is being used across many sectors and industries. It promotes exceptional changes in an organization's performance. Lean Six Sigma leads to enjoying competitive advantages in various companies in the world, such as product or service-oriented companies. The LSS methodology improves processes and makes them efficient. The key to success is management support, employee engagement and commitment to improving customer satisfaction.

Section III: Lean Six Sigma  Section III: Lean Six Sigma

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