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This 4th Edition was submitted for publication in January 2019.
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Published here October 2019.

PART 3 | Why Use S-curves? | S-curve Analysis
Generating S-curves | Conclusion


The S-curve is an important but often overlooked and misunderstood Project Management Tool. Although a variety of S‑curves exist, perhaps the most common are Man Hours versus Time and Cost versus Time.

By creating a Baseline Schedule, a Baseline S‑curve may be generated. Baseline S‑curves provide a basis on which to compare a Project's actual status to its planned status. They may also assist in the planning of Man Power and financial resources required to undertake or complete the Project.

A Production Schedule allows Actual and Target S‑curves to be generated. These allow the progress of a Project to be monitored, and quickly reveal any divergence from the Baseline Schedule. S‑curves may be used to determine Project progress to date, growth (Duration, Man Hours and/or Cost), and Start and/or Finish slippage.

Generating S-curves  Generating S-curves

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