Published here July 2003. 

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Leader Selection Criteria

What makes a good leader for a declining non-profit organization? If there is to be any possibility for the organization to turn around, the leader selected must be capable of helping the organization manage this special type of project. The standard recruitment processes of interviewing and reference checks can be used to identify these six indicators of a desirable turnaround leader:

  1. Has substantial experience in the critical core processes of the organization.
  2. Interested in understanding the history and the people of the organization.
  3. Relies on strong personal oral communications skills.
  4. Energetic and willing to "roll up the shirtsleeves" and pitch-in when necessary.
  5. Active learner and enthusiastic mentor.
  6. Has a history of amicable job exits.

Selecting a leader using these criteria does not ensure that the organization will survive decline. Turnaround is a painful process which requires an organization willing to license the leader to take necessary action, up to and including closure or bankruptcy. Selecting a capable turnaround leader can help organization members join together to consciously make the difficult decisions required when the imperative is "change or die."

Turnaround Leader Selection Guidelines  Turnaround Leader Selection Guidelines

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