This Guest article was written over four years ago and submitted for publication by Jack Allen.
It is copyright to Topher Morrison.
Published here December 2021

Introduction | Preparation 
Delivery | Cautions | In Closing


1. Set the stage from the start.
Create your introduction ahead of time to send to the organizers of the event. That way there are no awkward transitions before your presentation. Chances are you will need to bring a hard copy when you arrive for the talk. Include your top credentials and instructions for the audience to applaud when you walk on stage. This will create a buffer that harnesses the audience and allows you to take over. No one wants to climb the stage to crickets and then do a cold open.

2. Have a centerpiece to create centered peace.
A carefully selected floral arrangement has the power to warm an entire room. Never underestimate the power of a presentation space. The physiological trigger of seeing flowers is positive and uplifting for the audience. The environment of your discussion sets the mood for the audience. Make it calm and pleasing to the eye, so they can best indulge in your content.

3. Check your energy level.
Your personal brand goes beyond your website and business cards. Your energy level is a direct reflection of your brand. Be enthusiastic without being spastic and be confident without being cocky. Gauge your personal space during interactions appropriately. When we were small children, this concept was often referred to as a personal "bubble". Have different personal space settings for a variation of interactions. As a speaker, you must learn how to control your energy, and project as far as your back row. By doing this, your audience is more engaged and stronger connections are fostered.

Introduction  Introduction

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