This Guest article was written over four years ago and submitted for publication by Jack Allen.
It is copyright to Topher Morrison.
Published here December 2021

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4. It's all about the body language.
It's not necessarily what you say or how you say it that determines how an audience receives your message. It comes down to what your body is saying when you are speaking. Understanding power positions allows you to get your message across in an effective and intriguing way. Your audience needs to trust you to believe what you are saying. Their trust is built on the energy you exude through your presentation and nonverbal methods of communication.

5. Entertain to educate.
The lowest paid speakers inform while the highest paid entertain. The audience learns the most from a presenter that entertains them. Information is received best when it resonates with the listener. Make your speeches relevant to entertain and teach the audience something new.

6. Pull in your listeners with intriguing stories.
When you craft your presentations, it is critical to include elements that grab and hold your viewers' attention. Only include jokes if you are gifted with natural humor. To make jokes in presentations work it needs to be timed well and paired with the correct audience. Unless it is a sure thing, stick to an intriguing story rather than a joke. Don't start with a preamble, but rather, jump into the story. Preambles tend to ramble and lose the audience's precious attention.

7. Sell from the stage.
There are more important components to your business than making a sale. Creating value, connecting with your audience, creating unforgettable experiences, and consciously operating your business are paramount. These foundations build your reputation for future sales. Not selling immediately seems devastating, but you can't take it personally. Everyone has their reasons, and the most important part of your sale is connection. If they don't buy now, but you make a genuine connection, their chances of buying later are greater.

Preparation  Preparation

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