This case study is a fictitious project situation and any resemblance or similarity to actual events, dates, places or names is purely coincidental. It was submitted for publication and is copyright to A. Lathif Masood© originally published 2005, updated 2006.
Published here April 2006.

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A. Lathif Masood has been working in the exciting field of Geographic Information Systems and Sciences (GIS, GISc). A graduate from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, his background is in software engineering and spatial databases. He has worked on projects in the US, Canada, Australia and in Europe. His clients include the Department of National Defense, Canadian Homeland Protection (PSPEC), Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Natural Resources Canada as well as several Municipalities in Canada. He has taught classes in GIS customization, spatial databases and project management. Lathif is an avid hiker with a passion for the natural environment, especially rain forests. He is currently a Sr. Project Manager at ESRI Canada Ltd. he may be reached at

Editor's Note: The following description is a case study designed for students of project management. At its conclusion there are four assignments. Those wishing to undertake any one of these assignments should carefully read the entire case study before answering. However, there are no right or wrong model answers. Consult your own instructor for guidance.

Explanatory Glossary


Meaning or Description

Brainy Systems Inc

The company that wrote the computer system to help with mineral prospecting. This company sold the system to SNE Heavy Equipment. They are not a part of Project Miner but they help when they have a developer available at their own expense.

Cold Stone Minerals

The Client company that purchased Project Miner and associated equipment. This company is the end-user.

Project Miner

The project you have been asked to save: the purpose of this project is to provide a system that will provide a method for mineral prospecting. The project uses the computer system from Brainy Systems Inc.

Project Save Miner

The project you are proposing that will put Miner back on track and into becoming a success

SNE Heavy Equipment

The company you work for and represent. This company is being contracted by Cold Stone Minerals


Time and material: the cost is tied to time spent and material used


As Soon As Possible


The document that authorizes a project and identifies the selected PM as the project authority


High Medium Low


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