This case study is a fictitious project situation and any resemblance or similarity to actual events, dates, places or names is purely coincidental. It was submitted for publication and is copyright to A. Lathif Masood© originally published 2005, updated 2006.
Published here April 2006.

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Tuesday - December 20, 2005: On site at Iqaluit

You arrive late in the evening at Iqaluit. The best hotels are downtown but Project Miner was operational 10 kilometers north through the tundra. The only way there is by the chartered Cessna: yet another expense to the project. Alfred meets you at the landing site and tells you that "things are moving on" but you can tell that he is dejected and has lost all hope. You decide to meet the team first in the lodgings provided by your company . The team gathers in the only conference room, a far cry from the one in Barbados last week. Present in the room are two senior members from the client company, Cold Stone Minerals, who insisted on meeting you at the same time.

You realize that getting facts out of this team is going to be hard. They must not see you as the enemy out to audit them: they must see you as a friend that has come to help them. At the same time, is this team going to be frank in front of the customer? How about in front of Alfred? This gets you thinking. How can you conduct this session effectively and efficiently?

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