Published here December 2008.

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The responsibilities of the project management office can be divided into two groups:

(a)  Those related to building and maintaining the project management system, i.e.

  • Determine training needs for project managers/teams and acquire the appropriate training at the appropriate time.
  • Establish and document project management policies and procedures.
  • Create an approach to establish priorities across multiple projects and a methodology to apply those priorities to the project planning and control processes.
  • Analyze the requirements for project management and related software tools; and acquire, implement, integrate, and maintain those tools.
  • Evaluate new tools as they become available.
  • Develop and disseminate standard coding structures and report formats.
  • Create project-planning templates (charters, work breakdown structures, precedence networks, schedules, budgets, etc.)
  • Collect and organize databases of actual project performance data (durations, resource usage, costs, quality measures, etc.)
  • Perform project management process audits and take action to correct process deficiencies.

(b)  Those related to supporting the effective application of sound project management principles and techniques on specific projects, i.e.

  • Facilitate (and ensure proper methodology of) the project chartering/planning process as performed by the project team.
  • Facilitate (and ensure proper methodology of) the project control/updating process as performed by the project team.
  • Perform data entry of project plan and actual performance information.
  • Utilize the project management software tool(s) to perform analyses and generate reports as required.
  • Analyze technical, policy, and resource relationships across multiple projects.
  • Perform workload, cost, and cash flow roll-ups across multiple projects.
Concept and Purposes  Concept and Purposes

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