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Published here March 2017

PART 2 | Editor's Note & Table of Contents
Chapter 4: Level 1 - Process Management | Level 1 Management | Performance
Chapter 5: Level 2 - Project Management | Level 2 Management | Performance
Chapter 6: Sociolytic Mindscaping  | Analysis of Analysis | Custom vs. the Standard Stereotype
Open System vs. a Closed System Stereotype | Governance versus Management
Level 2 in a Level 4 World - Much Simpler than Possible | Gaming Systems | PART 4


Management initiatives at DBM Level 2 do not typically go according to the initially programed plan, however, they do typically remain within the contingency established for risk. The amount of contingency depends on the nature of the situation — the commodity, labor conditions and regulatory constraints. Unlike Level 1 where there is the benefit of repetition and adjustment, at Level 2 one can anticipate the initial baseline to degrade by as much as the contingency. A reasonable contingency in the order of 20% will entail a project efficiency of roughly 83%.

To enhance performance, at greater cost and risk, the Project Manager has the prerogative to "crash" or "fast track" the project schedule in an attempt to bring the end date forward.

It is important thus to get the contingency calculations as accurate as possible as profitability of the job depends on it.

Level 2 Management  Level 2 Management

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