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PART 2 | Editor's Note & Table of Contents
Chapter 4: Level 1 - Process Management | Level 1 Management | Performance
Chapter 5: Level 2 - Project Management | Level 2 Management | Performance
Chapter 6: Sociolytic Mindscaping  | Analysis of Analysis | Custom vs. the Standard Stereotype
Open System vs. a Closed System Stereotype | Governance versus Management
Level 2 in a Level 4 World - Much Simpler than Possible | Gaming Systems | PART 4

Chapter 5: Level 2 - Project Management

Project Management

Putting that puzzle together — time consuming but, we know all the pieces are in the box — we just need to get them in the right place. This is the epitome of Project Management. Classical project management is an organizing archetype. Provided your initiative will allow itself to be organized, this approach should work well for you.

How do I know I am at Level 2?

For Level 2 we have:

  • Work that entails customization not repetition,
  • A solution that is not based on an existing rule set,
  • Innovation to within the state-of-the-art,
  • Technology that is largely tried and proven,
  • A solution pathway through a methodology,
  • Control devolved to a Project Manager level.

Level 2 particulars are summarized in the following table:

Level 1: Process Management


Closed system
Internal determinacy
Custom product
Detail complexity


• The target end state
• Schedule vs. Cost considerations


The ability to achieve on-time, on-budget.

Control Point:

The functional specification is the control point.


This corresponds to "Methods" lowest static baseline.

Performance Management:

Project Costs vs. Schedule

Performance Measurement:

Milestone Dashboard

Performance Expectation:

High (80%)


Provided the cost and schedule have been reasonably estimated, the initiative will succeed.


Inadequate cost and schedule estimation will contribute to failure.


Project Management Institute

Performance  Performance

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