This Guest paper was submitted for publication May 2021.
It is copyright to Angela Civitella © 2022.
Published here September  2022.

Introduction | Opportunities, Micro-worrying, and Satisfaction 
Connections, Overnight Success, and Neglect | Failure, Spread, and Teamwork

Angela Civitella is an executive, a business leadership coach, and the founder of Intinde: Angela explains that her company, Intinde, is more than a name. It's the feeling you get while traversing the road to your greatest self. It's more than a practice — it's a passion. Angela promotes focus, direction, strength, power, and fearlessness on the continued quest for personal excellence.


Once again, our author, Angela Civitella, draws on her extensive knowledge and experience to extract and articulate some essentials for not only aspiring to top leadership, but actually getting there. She is a prolific writer on the topic of successfully managing your career, especially those aspects relevant to project management.

Here's what Angela has to say:

Most employees have big dreams of one day having the big title, the corner office, and being able to lead an organization. Industry knowledge is certainly part of the job, but it won't make you a great leader all by itself. This is where leadership skills come into play, and without having an exceptional grasp of them, your days at the top will be short lived, assuming you even get there!

How do you learn these skills? They aren't taught in school. There's no formal on-the-job training about them. In fact, most great leaders will tell you that everything they know about leadership they learned as they went along. Even things they thought they knew proved to be off or not exactly as they expected. It was only after rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty that they learned these lessons by doing.

Regardless of when and how you learn about leadership, if you want to lead an organization and do it successfully, there are nine things you have to know.


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