This Guest paper was submitted for publication May 2021.
It is copyright to Angela Civitella © 2022.
Published here September  2022.

Introduction | Opportunities, Micro-worrying, and Satisfaction 
Connections, Overnight Success, and Neglect | Failure, Spread, and Teamwork

Connections, Overnight Success, and Neglect

4. Be genuine with your connections

We are so busy connecting on social media, that we have forgotten the true art of taking the time to meet someone in-person to really connect. This was a problem even prior to Covid. As soon as it's safe to do so, get with people again for a real handshake, a real conversation, and a face-to-face meeting where you can actually have a three-dimensional experience with someone. This is what builds long lasting business relationships. Let's go back to being real people.

5. There is no "overnight success" story

Tangible success in the beginning is very scarce. What comes in droves is frustration and all the other attitudes that make feeling successful an unattainable journey. Just remember, career success almost always equals hard work and time. People forget to give amply of it and then wonder why they aren't getting anywhere. Remember, you get out what you put in, and sometimes it feels like it takes more than that

6. Neglected connections are not connections

How many times have you heard someone brag that they have 5,000 LinkedIn connections, 50,000 Facebook followers and a database of more than 200,000 people? Guess what? If you don't work those contacts and regularly stay in touch with them, it's all completely irrelevant! Be mindful and strategic about keeping a dynamic connection with contacts that can better your work life and life in general. There are different people for different aspects of your life. Be organized about your relationships, and nurturing. Stay on people's radar. If you're just a faceless connection on a website, how useful is that to you or anyone else? It really is quality over quantity when it comes to your connections.

Opportunities, Micro-worrying, and Satisfaction  Opportunities, Micro-worrying, and Satisfaction

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