This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is copyright to Maxwell Hills © 2023.
Published here July 2023.

Introduction | Know Your Target Audience | Create Engaging Content
Optimize Your Social Media Profiles | Use Social Media Advertising | Use Hashtags Effectively
Analyze Your Results | Start Building Qualified Leads Through Your Social Channels

Create Engaging Content

While providing regular content through your social media channels is important for success, if the content you provide does not inspire your audience to take action, it may be ineffective when using your social platforms as lead-generation tools. It needs to be engaging to ensure that your content can be used as a tool to convert potential customers.

You want your content to be fun and entertaining while making it easy for it to be shared by others across their own network. Rather than focusing on overly long or sales-like text walls, look for ways to provide videos or info-graphics that provide value to the audience and help position your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

Using surveys and polls also helps to engage with your audience while gathering valuable insights about their interests and preferences. This type of feedback can be used to inform future content creation.

Know Your Target Audience  Know Your Target Audience

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