This Guest paper was submitted for publication and is copyright to Maxwell Hills © 2023.
Published here July 2023.

Introduction | Know Your Target Audience | Create Engaging Content
Optimize Your Social Media Profiles | Use Social Media Advertising | Use Hashtags Effectively
Analyze Your Results | Start Building Qualified Leads Through Your Social Channels

Analyze Your Results

Like with any digital marketing campaign, analyzing the results of lead generation efforts is an important step in understanding performance and growth. You can track your leads effectively by using online tools like Google Analytics or Hub-spot. These solutions help to break down all elements of your inbound traffic and can give you data-driving insights on how you can replicate or modify your lead generation strategies across your other marketing channels.

When you proactively track your paid or organic traffic sources, you're able to justify when additional spending may be necessary to increase eyes and ears on your products while also ensuring you're not leaving money on the table if not needed.

Use Hashtags Effectively  Use Hashtags Effectively

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