This paper was submitted for publication 11/22/05 and is copyright to Brian K. Willard © 2005.
Published here June 2006.

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Over the years, traditional project management metrics have served the project management community well. However, these metrics are very often shortsighted in their view of whether a project will ultimately be successful, or a failure, in the real business terms of its product. If we are to fully understand this comprehensive "project success", then it is essential that we identify the necessary metrics and monitor them throughout the entire process including one or more post implementation reviews. That is, the project manager must do more than just focus on the specifications, money and time during the project, but also on the expected results, the benefits. Doing otherwise may easily doom a project's ultimate goal.


I would like to thank the following two individuals for the assistance in the research of this paper:

R. Max Wideman, who spent an hour on the phone with me from his office in Vancouver, BC, Canada. His insight and guidance pointed me in the right direction in finding key words for my research.

Hugh Woodward, Managing Editor of PMFORUM.ORG, who sent me the paper on which his NASA presentation was based. Its documented success and failure examples filled the final void in my research.

Project Success - New Metrics and Measurements  Project Success - New Metrics and Measurements

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