This Guest paper was submitted for publication in June 2020.
It is copyright to Donald Fomby.
Published here September 2020.

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Personal Information

8.   Irrelevant Personal Information

This includes religion, age, weight, birth date, place of birth, marital status, the number of children, nationality, driving license details, or the salary at your previous workplace.

Here is why you should leave all of this off your resume:

  • It's irrelevant. These details don't affect your ability to perform work tasks.
  • It's an outdated technique. Anti-discrimination laws make this information outdated and unnecessary.
  • Prevent discrimination. The fact that we have anti-discrimination laws says that prejudices are real, so including this information increases the risk of being discriminated against.

On top of that, having a project manager resume with this information could also backfire because it might stand out amongst other resumes that don't have it. And not in a good way, obviously.

Hobbies and School Related  Hobbies and School Related

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