This case study was submitted for publication by Email 6/1/09.
It is copyright to Jamal Moustafaev, © 2009.
Published here August 2009.

Introduction | Study Methodology | Study Results
 | Project Accountability | Recommendations
Illustrations | Implementation | Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

  1. In the "Recommendations" section the author refers to "a (somewhat deficient) project selection procedure" that has already existed in the company. In your opinion, are there any other indicators in the text of this case study to support this fact?
  2. In your opinion, do you think the consultant encountered any kind of resistance from the organization's "fiefdom warlords" (i.e. powerful functional managers and directors)? Is there any supporting evidence in the text?
  3. Why, do you think the consultant recommended a gradual approach to imposing project management methodology (i.e. pilot projects → all strategic projects → all projects) rather than applying it to all the projects at once?
  4. Why, do you think the consultant insisted on putting all the potential project stakeholders and participants including high-ranking C-level executives through a 2-day project management seminar?
  5. How can a department-independent (i.e. reporting to the Director, Project Management) project manager(s) help with large strategic company projects? Why does he have to be department-independent?
  6. Why do you think the communications to the employees and regular updates to the key stakeholders were so important?
  7. What other recommendations would you make in addition to those presented in the case study, or in what way might the recommendations be improved upon?
Implementation  Implementation

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