This case study was submitted for publication by Email 6/1/09.
It is copyright to Jamal Moustafaev, © 2009.
Published here August 2009.

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We can see right away that an overwhelming number of people interviewed agreed that communication channels are not working properly - especially on large, strategic projects.


"One department makes a commitment, and another has to fulfill it"
"Department A does its part on the project and then throws it over the fence to Department B"
"We do not recognize the interdependency of projects"

Analysis of the freeform comments from the interview participants suggests that there is a specific lack of project communications on large strategic projects especially during the initial stages when the scope and potential impacts of the project are being defined.

Commonality of the Project Management Approach

Also, an overwhelming majority of interviewees thought that there was a lack of commonality in training and methodology with respect to project management in the organization.

Review of comments from the participants of the survey show that running projects properly and especially handover of the projects from one department to another appear to be the key concerns of company employees.


"Most of the templates are department-specific"
"I had to use templates from my previous company"
"There is a uniformity when you have to get the money, but not when running projects"
"There is a lack of understanding on the role of a project manager"

Study Results  Study Results

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