This Guest paper was submitted for publication December 5, 2022.
It is copyright to Kat Fleischman, President & CEO of Do-Tell Publicity © 2022.
Published here March 2023.

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Put a system in place

Set the project up for success by using digital tools that facilitate organization and communication. An estate management platform, like EstateSpace for a construction project, allows you to manage the entire project from your smartphone. This includes blueprints, photos of the progress, and work schedules that you upload and share with your contractor as well as others involved with the project.

Everyone can then make updates, as well as chat about the work using the secure messaging feature. For example: Is a delivery going to be late? Is the contractor or sub trade going to be short-staffed on a particular day? They can let you know in real-time so you are not left wondering what is going in, which is the most maddening thing of all.

Every construction project will have some element of frustration, and while you can't anticipate or eliminate everything that can go wrong, you do have some control over the extent to which it hijacks your life. When it comes to construction projects, a little extra effort — and using the right tools — at the outset can help you choose the right team, build a healthy working relationship, and set the strong boundaries needed for a streamlined and efficient process.

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