This Guest paper was submitted for publication December 5, 2022.
It is copyright to Kat Fleischman, President & CEO of Do-Tell Publicity © 2022.
Published here March 2023.

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Ask almost anyone who has managed the construction of a housing estate project, in particular, will recount a long list of frustrating events, that range from permit issues to weather and delivery delays. Oftentimes the villain of this horror story is a contractor who did shoddy work, didn't complete the job, or had an attitude that made working with them highly unpleasant — sometimes all the above.

Questions about missed deadlines or other problems are often met with vague answers or go ignored altogether. When it comes to such high-end projects, cost impacts are amplified and can be very expensive.

This is bad enough when you're the investment owner. It is far worse when you're the property manager and caught between the negligent contractor and unhappy future property owners. You may even find yourself wrangling with a local jurisdiction and prickly neighbors complaining about noise and the backhoe parked there for months.

Here are some ways you can nip problems in the bud, minimize frustration and avoid litigation with a property owner or project management platform designed for construction projects.


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