This case study is an abridged version of Mark Kozak-Holland's eBook: Project Lessons from The Great Escape (Stalag Luft III). It was submitted for publication by email 11/6/08.
It is copyright to M. Kozak-Holland, © 2008.

PART 1 | Introduction to Part 2 | Risk Management Planning 
Qualitative Risk Analysis | Quantitative Risk Analysis | Risk Response Planning
Risk Monitoring and Control | Conclusion | Part 2 - Case Study Exercises


For Bushell and the escape committee, Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis became a daily routine, along with Risk Response Planning, and the Monitoring and Controlling of risk. In today's world this level of risk management may seem too much but without a demonstrable risk plan it may be hard to convince a PMO about the viability of a project.

Risk Monitoring and Control  Risk Monitoring and Control

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