This two-part paper was submitted for publication October 22, 2008, and is reprinted with permission.
It is copyright to J. LeRoy Ward and ESI International.
Published here March 2009.

Introduction | Program Management Challenges 
Essential Steps for Delivering Successful Programs - Steps 1-2
Steps 3-4 | Steps 5-6 | Steps 7-8 | Steps 9-10 | Delivering Program Success in Your Organization

Delivering Program Success in Your Organization

Today, more than ever before, implementing strategic programs demands attention and expertise across numerous domains. The ten steps above require a combination of strong leadership, managerial, communication and technical skills.

As you and your team members sit down to begin implementing these steps in your next program, I recommend first asking yourselves a series of questions:

  • Are we currently performing these 10 steps on our programs?
  • If not, what barriers or obstacles have gotten in the way
  • Do our program managers know they are responsible for these steps
  • Is it clear who actually performs these steps and who is responsible for their execution
  • Is there accountability, and how will we ensure these steps are taken
  • What checks and balances do we have in place to determine when these steps are not being taken

If in answering these questions you and your team begin asking more and more questions, there are a number of structured performance improvement programs and results-oriented workshops available that can accelerate skill development, knowledge application and program execution for today's busy professionals.

The trick, of course, is finding the one that works for you and your team. As always, best of luck!


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Essential Steps for Delivering Successful Programs - Steps 9 & 10  Essential Steps for Delivering Successful Programs
- Steps 9 & 10

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