This two-part paper was submitted for publication October 22, 2008, and is reprinted with permission.
It is copyright to J. LeRoy Ward and ESI International.
Published here March 2009.

Introduction | Program Management Challenges 
Essential Steps for Delivering Successful Programs - Steps 1-2
Steps 3-4 | Steps 5-6 | Steps 7-8 | Steps 9-10 | Delivering Program Success in Your Organization

Program Management Challenges

First though, I think it is important to discuss the many challenges associated with program management. According to Gartner, "Sixty-six percent of large program initiatives fail to achieve their business objectives. Further, they are delivered late or substantially over budget". Most of these failures are people-related and can be traced back to:

  • Underestimating program complexity
  • Lack of firm leadership, commitment and sponsorship
  • Poor cross-functional communication
  • Lack of integrated planning
  • No defined success metrics
  • Poor requirements management
  • Lack of broad change management
  • Misaligned stakeholder expectations
  • Inadequate program management skills
  • Lack of resources

Therefore, the following ten steps are designed to help mitigate or eliminate each of these troublesome areas.

Introduction  Introduction

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