This Guest paper is an extract and summary from Enterprise Project Governance Chapter 1, by Paul Dinsmore and Luiz Rocha, published by AMACOM in the USA in 2012.
It was submitted for publication and is copyright to Paul C. Dinsmore & Luiz Rocha, © 2013
and published here September 2013

Editor's Note | Introduction | What is Enterprise Project Governance Anyway?
Use of a Comprehensive Approach | EPG and Corporate Governance
Enhance Organizational Performance | From Corporate Governance to Enterprise Project Governance

Use of a Comprehensive Approach

Is it necessary to use a comprehensive EPG approach to achieve effective project management across the enterprise? Even though an orchestrated program under the EPG label stands the best chance of generating effective results on a timely basis, formal EPG is in reality an evolutionary approach involving different initiatives depending on each organizational setting.

A number of reasons justify using incremental approaches to upgrading the overall effectiveness of project management across the enterprise. Some of the reasons for caution include:

  • Minimal awareness in the organization of the impact that project management will have on overall results and at all levels
  • A lack of a project management culture
  • Insufficient trained professional and managers
  • Insufficient sponsorship to champion the cause, and
  • A lack of expertise in change management techniques

In these settings, where the scenario isn't yet favorable for a formal program, partial initiatives are appropriate, such as:

  1. Intensify training programs in the basics of project management;
  2. Stimulate use of project management techniques across the enterprise in all types of project including engineering, TI, R&D, new product development, marketing and HR;
  3. Create awareness at executive level through the literature, benchmarking and conferences;
  4. Identify potential sponsors for a broader program;
  5. Stimulate implementation and development of PMOs.

With these measures in place, an organization will be on its way to producing highly successful projects of all types throughout the enterprise. Where scenarios are favorable, however, a comprehensive EPG program offers an accelerated, holistic and integrated way to guarantee optimal project performance and boost overall organization results.

What is Enterprise Project Governance Anyway?  What is Enterprise Project Governance Anyway?

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