This Guest paper is an extract and summary from Enterprise Project Governance Chapter 1, by Paul Dinsmore and Luiz Rocha, published by AMACOM in the USA in 2012.
It was submitted for publication and is copyright to Paul C. Dinsmore & Luiz Rocha, © 2013
and published here September 2013

Editor's Note | Introduction | What is Enterprise Project Governance Anyway?
Use of a Comprehensive Approach | EPG and Corporate Governance
Enhance Organizational Performance | From Corporate Governance to Enterprise Project Governance

From Corporate Governance to Enterprise Project Governance

Enterprise Project Governance helps fill the voids left in loosely woven corporate governance policies, primarily with respect to transparency, accountability, and responsibility. Effective EPG ensures that corporate initiatives and endeavors are appropriately defined with respect to policies and accountability.

More importantly, EPG is a natural evolution in organizations that wrestle with countless demands for new projects to be completed within tightened time frames, at lower cost, and with fewer resources. Indeed, the pressures from faulty corporate governance have influenced companies' trends to include EPG policies. But in fact the need for EPG is simultaneously becoming apparent as the world becomes increasingly projectized, with more and more projects clamoring for attention. The demand to undertake, manage, and complete multiple projects creates a need to provide greater governance and structure.

Whereas corporate governance also includes the concerns of the on-going organization with its status quo activities and operational issues, EPG focuses on new and changing factors, and thus on the projectized parts of organizations facing the future.

Enhance Organizational Performance  Enhance Organizational Performance

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