Russell D. Archibald
PMP, PMI Fellow

PMI-Texas Connection 2001
Sept. 14-15, 2001 Houston, Texas.
Published here March 2002.

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The OrganizationÍs Project Management Process

CEO Demands:
4. That the project management process of the organization be documented in a coherent, easily understood manner.

5. That all projects be managed within their appropriate, defined portfolios.

In order to achieve the full benefits of modern project management each company or agency must have a documented picture of its overall project management process. This process

  • Describes how the organization's project portfolios are related to the organization's growth strategies,
  • Identifies the basic types or categories of projects that exist or are planned,
  • Defines the project life cycle for each project category,
  • Defines, for each project category, the corporate guidelines for project risk analysis and planning and control, with provision for appropriate adaptation for specific situations,
  • Specifies the documents and related levels of approval authority for initiating and authorizing new projects and major changes to authorized projects,
  • Identifies the key roles and defines their responsibilities and authority as related to project and functional management, and
  • Specifies the procedures for escalating the inevitable conflicts (for scarce resources, priorities between projects and others) to the appropriate level for their prompt resolution.

This process is often documented as an overall flow chart with supporting narrative descriptions, together with appropriate references to pertinent corporate policies, procedures and forms. When this is done properly the result is integrated project management.

Integrated Project Portfolio Management  Project Portfolio Management

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