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Introduction | A Broad Definition of IT 
1.  Massive Investment in IT Worldwide | 2.  The Natural Project Orientation of IT
3.  IT Project Failures | 4.  The Increasing Complexity of IT Programs & Projects
5.  Rapidly Changing Technologies | 6.  The Information Age - The Third Wave has Arrived
7.  IT Crosses Over Industries, Organizations, Programs & Projects
Why These Trends Will Continue! | What it Means to the Project Management Profession

What it Means to the Project Management Profession

Now we can begin to understand why PM has been growing so rapidly in IT and why that trend will continue. The implications for the PM professional world and PM industry are obvious. More organizations will need IT project managers, or project management professionals with IT experience and knowledge. IT organizations will need PM professionals, and IT project managers who are educated, experienced, qualified and certified (or licensed) in modern, professional PM. And they will need the services, technologies and tools to serve those projects and project managers.

We can now understand the growth in PMI's membership, and how PMI has positioned itself to ride this (third) wave so effectively, in recent years. Other professional bodies around the world should follow suit, providing information, tools and services to support this growing body of PM professionals. This is not a short-term phenomenon, but rather a trend that will continue. I predict continued growth in the application of PM in IT for many years to come.

Good luck on your projects!

Why These Trends Will Continue!  Why These Trends Will Continue!

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