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Introduction | A Broad Definition of IT 
1.  Massive Investment in IT Worldwide | 2.  The Natural Project Orientation of IT
3.  IT Project Failures | 4.  The Increasing Complexity of IT Programs & Projects
5.  Rapidly Changing Technologies | 6.  The Information Age - The Third Wave has Arrived
7.  IT Crosses Over Industries, Organizations, Programs & Projects
Why These Trends Will Continue! | What it Means to the Project Management Profession

2.  The Natural Project Orientation of IT

The IT industry and field is naturally project oriented. Whether developing semiconductors, components, hardware, software, subsystems, networks, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, other enterprise systems or global communication systems, 90% will be in the form of programs and projects. These projects can be system or technology upgrades, new product developments, simple system implementations, or massive network and system implementations.

Nearly everything in the IT world is conducted as a project or program, with the exception of operational support. And even operations is frequently upgraded or modified due to rapidly changing technologies, business requirements, market conditions, organizational or personnel changes, or other factors. Even outsourcing of IT services is conducted in the form of projects now.

1. Massive Investment in IT Worldwide    1. Massive Investment in IT Worldwide

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