Published here August 2020

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A More Recent View in the Discussion

This discussion initiated by Suhail has dragged on for about three years. Lately, one recent contributor observed: " a project starts with signing the [Project] Charter". To this, Peter Rapin,[12] another contributor to the discussion had this to say:

"This may serve as a theoretical statement but rarely reflects reality!

  1. Many projects do not have Project Charters.
  2. For a number of reasons Project Charters get delayed: no staff; stakeholders not fully identified; insufficient details; procrastination; effort applied on other tasks.
  3. Many of us believe that the Project Charter should be developed by the Project Manager and/or Project Team — an early project task.
  4. The Project Charter developed too early in the process may be a Statement of Objectives rather than providing required input and commitments.
  5. Project Charters can take ages to sign especially if you have complex stakeholder involvement requiring specific commitments.

I revert back to my initial definition of project start: "When an effort is first applied specifically to achieve a stated defined objective".

In other words, those activities lumped under the umbrella of "pre-project activities" are in fact a part of the project and, I suggest, should be included in the Project Life Span structure and described accordingly in project management manuals.

An Internet Search  An Internet Search

12. Contribution by Peter Rapin on, April 13, 2020. Peter is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Project Delivery, Independent Consultant, Canada.  
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