Published here June, 2006.

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Book Structure

This book has one hundred sections, each of two to three pages, and each section is dedicated to a discrete process, procedure or technique (all of which in our opinion amount to much the same thing,[2] so we'll simply refer to them all as processes.) All the processes are identified by brief labels and are presented in alphabetical order and similarly listed under "Contents" at the front of the book.

However, the Content list is followed by a brief instruction on "How to Use This Book (Read This First!)" that includes a listing of the processes under the following headings:[3]

  1. General Processes (14)
  2. Leadership Processes (8)
  3. Teamwork Processes (11)
  4. Control Processes (11)
  5. Scope Processes (8)
  6. Time Processes (9)
  7. Cost Processes (6)
  8. Quality Processes (4)
  9. Human Resources Processes (7)
  10. Communication Processes (9)
  11. Risk Processes (6)
  12. Procurement Processes (7)

The numbers in brackets indicate the number of processes listed under each heading, and each of which carries the process number used in the book. As the author observes:

"The Project Management Tool Kit is based on established, practical ideas used by successful project managers in many fields, and includes processes from all of the areas outlined in the Project Management Institute's PMBOK® Guide, 2000 Edition."

The book is obviously a reference book, but it is also useful for skimming the contents. To facilitate this, within each process, key words are in italics, and cross-references in boldface relate to processes elsewhere in the book.

Introduction  Introduction

2. Ref. Wideman Glossary: Process = a set of activities to achieve an output [D012611]; Procedure = a prescribed method for performing specified work [D01255]; Technique = skilled means to an end [D02022]
3. The Project Management Tool Kit, pp xii-xv
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