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Published here September 2017

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Book Structure

The contents of this book are set out in six chapters and an "Appendices" section as follows:



The Past, the Present and the Possible Social Future



The Challenge of being a Social Project Manager



The Practical Social Project Manager



The Social Project Manager as a Commercial Force



The Socially Mature Organization



Social Project Management Tips



The first three chapters are by far the largest that, together, cover the real meat of the book. Chapter six consists of eleven tips ranging from the need to involve the team to create a social environment, to know your own social strengths and weaknesses. The Appendices section provides a brief description of some of the contributors to the book's content, among other things. The book is well written in a clear and easy style. It has 175 pages in all and includes a limited number of illustrations, mostly relating to communication links. It does not include a Glossary of Terms.

About the author

Peter Taylor is an experienced project and program manager who has also written and lectured on topics in the project management domain. More particularly, over the last four years, he has focused his energies on broader subjects like his very successful book: Lazy Project Manager[7]. This has culminated in his modern ground-breaking approach towards project collaboration through team members' use of personal social media software and habits, rather than using formal centralized control. Peter is also the Head of a Global PMO for a billion dollar software organization. He can be reached at

Introduction  Introduction

7. See our book review of the Lazy Project Manager here: who, by the way, has to be anything but lazy!
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