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Evaluation Check List

  1. Was this exercise itself seen as a Project?
  2. Was a Project Manager appointed to lead this team exercise?
  3. Was a Project Schedule prepared for this exercise complete with time allowances?
  4. Did it have Float?
  5. Was a Time Manager (scheduler) appointed to monitor progress?
  6. How many thought about delegating part of the project (i.e. part of this exercise) and running Parallel Activities? (Note: This is only possible with a team of 6 or 7 or more)
  7. Did any team consider changing the sequence of the Scope-Pak methodology (e.g. Step 8 KSIs might be raised to Step 2)?
  8. Was a Quality Manager appointed to verify conformance to the process (i.e. the exercise instructions) and required deliverable?
  9. Were all the Project's Stakeholders identified?
  10. How many components (i.e. activities, work packages) were identified to achieve the deliverable?
  11. Were the core constraints of scope, quality, time and cost used as a 'tickler' list?
  12. Was the original scope (i.e. Objectives and Outputs) maintained?
  13. Were viable Alternatives considered?
  14. How many Economics and Issues were identified?
  15. Was a Flow Chart or Schedule prepared (as per instructions), complete with time allocations?
  16. Was this Flow Chart/Schedule segregated into Project Phases?
  17. How many Assumptions and Risks were listed? Were Contingency responses identified?
  18. How many Key Success Indicators were listed?
  19. Were they prioritized?
  20. Was the Project Report (i.e. the results of this exercise) presented with emphasis on Project Success?

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