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Published here August 2016.

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In this book, Ron Basu has combined practical examples with his own research and experience from a career that has included blue chip organizations such as GSK, GlaxoWelcome and Unilever. Thus Ron has provided a rigorous guide to the fundamentals of R&D as well as project management. Included under the latter heading are project life span management, risk management, cost, time and other success measures as well as the keys to operational excellence in this complicated world.[13]

Along the way, through his diagrams and case study examples, Ron has shed light on some interesting R&D statistics. Just one such example: Out of around 10,000 potential opportunities, through say 6 stages, over 10 years, an R&D company has a reasonable probability of ending up with just one successful product. But the attraction is that if they do, you can be sure that they will win big.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

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13. Ibid, Extracted from the back cover.
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