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Book Structure

Harvey's book consists of an Introduction and thirty-four chapters organized into ten sections contained in two parts as shown below. In addition, the author introduces each section with a brief note on the chapters that follow.



Part One - A Practical Guide to Project Portfolio Management

Section One: What is Project Portfolio Management and why do we need it?


Chapter 1.1 - Why Do We Need Project Portfolio Management?


Chapter 1.2 - What is Project Portfolio Management?

Section Two - The Fundamentals of a Project Portfolio Management Process


Chapter 2.1 - Selecting Projects for the Pipeline


Chapter 2.2 - Maintaining the Pipeline


Chapter 2.3 - Executing Project Portfolio Management


Chapter 2.4 - Tools for Project Portfolio Management


Chapter 2.5 - Implementing Project Portfolio Management

Section Three: The Finer Points of Project Portfolio Management


Chapter 3.1 - Defining PPM: A Bridge or a Hub


Chapter 3.2 - A Pre-Qualification Process for Selecting Projects for the Portfolio


Chapter 3.3 - The Impact of Uncertainty on Projects and the Portfolios


Chapter 3.4 - Is there a Gorilla in your Portfolio? Turning Opportunity into Value


Chapter 3.5 - Work Breakdown Structures for Risk & Strategies


Chapter 3.6 - An Introduction to Earned Value Analysis

Part Two - Contributed Chapters and Case Studies

Section Four: PPM Techniques & Issues: Portfolio Planning


Chapter 4.1 - Linking Strategy and Project Portfolio Management - K. C. Yelin


Chapter 4.2 - How to Determine the Value of a Project - Ray Trotta, Christopher Gardner


Chapter 4.3 - Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process to Improve Enterprise Project Portfolio Management - James Devlin


Chapter 4.4 - The Efficient Frontier Technique for Analyzing Project Portfolio Management - Mike Gruia

Section Five: PPM Techniques & Issues: Organizing & Implementing


Chapter 5.1 - Making the Case for Project Portfolio Management - Clifford B. Cohen, Randall L. Englund


Chapter 5.2 - The Role of Executives in Effective PPM - K. C. Yelin


Chapter 5.3 - Project Offices Are Key Components of IT Governance - Matt Light

Section Six: PPM Applications: Information Technology


Chapter 6.1 - A Summary of First Practices and Lessons Learned in Information Technology Portfolio Management - Federal CIO Council, Best Practices Committee


Chapter 6.2 - The Backbone System of IT Management and Governance - David Hurwitz

Section Seven: PPM Applications: New Product Development


Chapter 7.1 - Stage-GateĻ Idea-to-launch Framework - Robert G. Cooper


Chapter 7.2 - Portfolio Management for Product Innovation - Robert G. Cooper

Section Eight: Applications: PPM for Theory of Constraint Advocates


Chapter 8.1 - Applying the Theory of Constraints to Project Portfolio Management - Larry Leach

Section Nine: Case Studies


Chapter 9.1 - Managing Your Technology Pipeline Portfolio Management Process and Its Evolution over Time - Rebecca Siebert


Chapter 9.2 - Using PPM to Ease the Hewlett-Packard-Compaq Merger - Don Kingsberry


Chapter 9.3 - Developing a PPM Capability at America Online - Rich Dougherty


Chapter 9.4 -EW Scripps: A Media Giant's Portfolio Management Solution - Vanessa McMillan

Section Ten: What Others Are Saying About PPM


Chapter 10.1 - Beyond the Triple Constraints: Developing a Business Venture Approach to Project Management - Robert J. Graham, Dennis Cohen


Chapter 10.2 - From Overload to Productivity via Systematic Decision Making - James Schlick, Andrew Longman


Chapter 10.3 - The Seven Habits of Highly Effective IT Portfolio Management Implementations - Gil Makleff


Chapter 10.4 - Project Portfolio Management Basics - PMI Knowledge and Wisdom Center


Chapter 10.5 - Integrating Project Portfolio Management with Project Management Practices to Deliver Competitive Advantage - James S. Pennypacker, Patrick Sepate

Introduction  Introduction

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