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Book Structure

The contents of this book are set out in 13 chapters and two Appendices as follows:




A Short Reflection



A Further Justification



Destined to Fail ...



... Or Designed to Succeed?



Introduction to the Plan



Phase 1 — Plan PMO



Phase 2 — Start Up PMO (A Phase)



Phase 3 — Set Up PMO (D Phase)



Phase 4 — Operate PMO (E Phase)



Phase 5 — Transfer PMO



Lessons Learned



Some Further Thoughts



More Inspiration

Appendix 1  Maturity Models

Appendix 2  p3m global

Further Reading


This book has a total of 154 pages. Many of the chapters listed above consist of only one to four pages, but by far the largest is Chapter 8 (Set up PMO) with 28 pages. This book is one of the few that includes a Glossary. Its four pages list 34 terms that are generally relevant to Program Management.

While the authors are careful to point out the various roles that a "PMO" might play, in this book they are equally careful not to settle for any one interpretation of the letters "PMO". That's because there are a variety of possible interpretations of the label "PMO". For example: "Project Management Office", or "Program Management Office", or even "Portfolio Management Office". Obviously, these mean different things to different corporate organizations, with very different corporate expectations. Nevertheless, the authors hasten to add that "PMO" does not stand for "Projects Mostly Over-budget![10]

This book is well written in a clear easy-to-read style. It is also well supported by figures, tables and bullet lists for easy reference. In our view, it provides realistic advice for any organization contemplating setting up a "PMO" where the prevailing project throughput warrants it.

Introduction  Introduction

10. Ibid, p4
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