A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Third Edition, is copyright by the Project Management Institute, PA, USA, 2004.
It has been distributed on a CD free of charge to members of the Institute.

Published here March, 2005.

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What We Liked

In this latest Guide we feel that its authors have made the document much more readable with plenty of really good illustrative text with more detail. However, it also means far more to read. They have also made a sincere attempt to "normalize" the text especially amongst the nine knowledge area chapters. This means that there is more uniformity in approach, clarity in use of terminology, and consistency in presentation, even if that is not necessarily true of the content.

In support of this, the authors have completely rewritten the Glossary to reflect the same approach and to define all of the Guide's labels attached to every numbered article in the text. This clarity and consistency significantly improves the reader's ability to understand the import of all the process labels especially those that have been introduced or changed. That means that the Glossary is now specific to the Guide, rather than general, so perhaps this will remove at least some of the controversy over terminology that presently exists in the project management marketplace.

Someone, somewhere, has done a good job of editing a difficult document! In it there is much to be welcomed, but there are also disappointments.

Guide Structure  Guide Structure

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