A collection of templates assembled and available from the Project Management Institute Web: http://www.pmibookstore.org

Published here May, 2004.

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That the CD "brings together all the tools you need to orchestrate an efficient, effective, successful project" (my emphasis added) may be a bit of a stretch. Nevertheless, The Project Management Institute and their supporters must be congratulated on preparing a really useful product covering almost all aspects of a project.

Is there anything missing? Well, probably, yes. For example, what about a template for a Business Case? But then that's not covered by the PMBOK® Guide either, so that's not the fault of the CD's authors. Still, we hope that it will be possible to buy upgrades as both the PMBOK and the contents of the CD mature.

Since the whole is in cross-platform Adobe PDF format, the CD works just fine on either a PC or a Mac computer. Automated Graphic Systems, the folks responsible for the technical work must also be congratulated for a well-implemented product. Is it worth it? For someone actively involved in leading projects, at $89.95US (member price, $124.95 non-member price) yes, I think it is.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

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