Thanks to Kiron Bondale for triggering ideas for this paper.
That was some years ago, now revisited by Max Wideman.
Published here September 2022.


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But That's Not All

It is not only "not all", but let's say for the sake of argument, it is only about 30% of the total project environment that you should be considering. The other 70% will be in moving from one domain or industry to another, sometimes referred to "Area of Project Management Application". In ascending order of project complexity, typical examples my be identified within Construction; Healthcare Administration; Manufacturing generally; Information Technology generally; so called "Hi-Tech, Space; and Research; etc. Moreover, each of these areas tend to use different nomenclature, all of which has to be learned.

From the perspective of making a potential move, it might be better to view this last range of activities from a different perspective. After all, what is your own personal disposition in terms of working satisfaction? Do you really enjoy most in working with your hands, or do you like something that involves a lot of serious mental effort, especially involving intellectual goals?

Such answers can be conveniently divided in to four clear boxes, namely: "Tangible-Craft"; "Intangible-Craft"; "Tangible-Intellect"; or "Intangible-Intellect". If you are not sure where you fit on these scales, a trip to the Myers Briggs typology self test to find your own personality type could be worthwhile.[2]

Of course, in real life, work usually involves a mixture of all or most of these things, but the emphasis is typically in one place or another. But if the majority of the work and your predisposition do not largely match, then eventually you are not going to do your best, and your decision to switch will not work out well. All of this, of course, depends on whether you get the actual opportunity to switch in the first place.

Digging Deeper  Digging Deeper

2. See
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