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Content extracted and published here June 2014.

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Bottom Line

The bottom line for wannabe young project managers is that if you are keen on project management as a career, then first make sure you are suited to this life style. And perhaps the best way to do that is to volunteer to take part in a project being run by a practicing project manager.

Next choose in what type of work you would like to practice, such as engineering, construction, information technology, and hundreds of other options. Whatever you choose may not be where you finally end up, but it should be your first choice to begin with. To move ahead, do your best to excel in your chosen technical field.

Then, as you go, try to observe and learn as much as you can from the professional offerings of project management authors and trainers. And, oh yes, this web site is a very good source of wisdom throughout your career.

A Formal Study with Interesting But Contrary Views  A Formal Study with Interesting But Contrary Views

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