Published here November 2016

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Our Final "Project" Definition

For the purposes of distinguishing between "Project" and "BaU" according to our present understanding of both Project Management and BaU, we may say that a Project is:

A distinct process in which a group of people, who between them have the necessary skills and who act together as a team, work to produce a preconceived unique deliverable of added value, and take collective responsibility for the success of the outcome.

Note that the use here of the term "distinct process", includes all the characteristics of the term "process" described earlier. It is also conceivable that this definition can include a single individual, provided this individual has all the skills required and takes responsibility for the outcome.

Note, also, this definition is particularly relevant where the "necessary skills" are, more often than not, divided across more than one corporate organizational department.

Of course, if you don't like this definition for some reason, you are always free to adopt your own, but don't expect your audience to fully understand without some clarification.

R. Max Wideman

What Have We Learned from Our Efforts to Dissect 'Project'?  What Have We Learned from Our Efforts to Dissect 'Project'?

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