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Published here August 2021

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This book makes for a valuable addition to your project management library. It covers a lot of ground that is not necessarily covered by traditional project management course material. It is particularly valuable for its advice to anyone who is involved in, or connected with, a large project, especially of the infrastructure type. In fact, it is good reading for anyone who is serious about project management.

In conclusion, author Antonio observes:[32]

"Increasing your awareness of projects and understanding the 10 Principles is not an easy journey. It takes time to reap the advantages, but it is definitely worth it. In fact, as we have seen, for many organizations having people who really understand projects is a matter of survival."


"As an individual, you now have the tools to turn your ideas into a reality. Make sure you incorporate them into your daily routines. If you do, you'll certainly be more successful with your projects, both professionally and personal."

To the reader: It is well worth acquiring this book and introducing it to your teammates.

R. Max Wideman
Fellow, PMI

Downside  Downside

32. Ibid, p150
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