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Published February, 2012

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Book Structure

This book is an easy-to-read compendium of author Peter Taylor's project management experiences and resulting wisdom. It focuses on how the project manager can achieve more with less of his or her most important asset - time. The book's content is presented as sound advice illustrated by numerous anecdotes that are not always to the author's credit. The result is a captivating book set out in a series of sections rather than chapters.

These sections are as follows:[5]

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. The science behind the laziness
  3. The intelligence of laziness
  4. A final definition
  5. It's a jungle (book) out there!
  6. Can I cheat?
  7. The dinosaur theory
  8. Thick at one end
  9. Much, much thinner in the middle
  10. Then thick again at the far end
  11. Quick tips to productive lazy heaven
  12. Even quicker tips for the really lazy
  13. The ultimate question
  14. The ultimate answer
  15. One final word of caution
  16. Looking forward to hearing from you
  17. References
  18. About the author

The two largest sections are #s 8 and 9. By adopting Peter Taylor's productive laziness approach at the front end, making it relatively "thicker" (section 8), you should be able to reap the benefits of your groundwork, making the middle "much, much thinner".

That still leaves the back end of the project, which should be thicker (section 10). That is not only to do all the usual "project closure" things, but:

"Now is the time that you can apply a small amount of effort but gain enormous amounts of knowledge so that future projects are likely to be even more successful and potentially take even less effort."[6]
Introduction  Introduction

5. We have numbered the sections for ease of reference
6. The Lazy Project Manager, p101
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